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Our integrated software programs allow us to focus on customer specific metrics to help improve productivity, reduce costs, raise customer satisfaction and ensure our technological edge. As your trusted cold supply chain partner, we are committed to the development of logistical strategies to ensure consistent and reliable performance, i.e., the efficient handling of variable lead times for orders and delivery appointments, ensuring shorter transit times to customers, measuring inventory/order accuracy and custom designing backhaul, pool, and consolidation programs. We offer:

  • Real time visibility
  • Robust web portals
  • Auto-notification of events
  • KPI and Custom Reports
  • EDI (Platform Agnostic)


Dreisbach’s Warehouse Management System (“WMS”) with Radio Frequency (“RF”) uses the latest technology to provide our customers with accurate and timely product information. Customers have real time access to order history, inventory balances, invoices and receipts. We use our RF technology not only to instantly track your inventory, but to facilitate both real-time visibility and metrics. Integrated catch weight and work -order functionality enable us to provide additional value added services.


Dreisbach’s Transportation Management Software (“TMS”) integrates our warehouse and transportation functions to seamlessly manage the shipment of your freight from point of origin to destination. Our TMS coordinates all transportation-related activities including appointments, inbound/outbound information, route planning, freight consolidation, settlement and carrier relationships.

We have incorporated yard and drayage management software into our TMS to increase real time visibility and throughput, reduce detention/ demurrage fees, reduce bottlenecks, track damage and ongoing repairs/maintenance to equipment, streamline intermodal billing and maximize container availability.


All of Dreisbach’s Facilities’ refrigeration systems are controlled by an Energy Management System (EMS). Our EMS enables remote access, real-time alerts, and automated temperature reports. We are also better able to optimize capacity while minimizing costs.

  • Controls refrigeration at all facilities
  • Off-site monitoring and paging
  • Temperature chart reporting


Dreisbach has a web-based dock scheduling system, available 24/7 that automates the communication between Carriers and Dreisbach. This facilitates improved visibility, efficient WH labor and dock utilization, and helps to eliminate driver wait times.

  • Synchronizes appointment requests with dock availability
  • Standing appointments to reserve capacity
  • Real time schedule updates
  • PO tracking features
  • Automated email notifications
  • Vendor/carrier web portal

Discover how we can optimize your cold chain logistical needs and provide you with superior end-to-end services.