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We have extensive asset-based temperature controlled transportation experience. Although we own, operate and maintain a modern and efficient fleet of equipment, we understand that not every point or shipment is best served on our assets. It all comes down to value – local deliveries may be better handled by company trucks while East Coast orders may be best served by contract carriers. As a result, our transportation services allocate capacity to properly and efficiently handle our customer’s needs and desires across numerous modes of temperature controlled transportation, while closely monitoring each shipment to ensure it is handled to the highest standards from pickup to delivery, and at every point in between.

Less Than Truckload Shipping (“LTL”):

Our transportation division focuses on the consolidation and pooling of LTL shipments in order to achieve significant freight cost reductions for our customers. We are able to build this pool shipment from various locations and then make multiple deliveries to numerous destinations. This provides all of our LTL customers with the benefits of full truckload cost savings plus time specific pickups and deliveries. We take the guesswork out of the transportation equation by handling any and all issues relating to freight class, weight, routing, rates, packing and documentation.

Full Truckload Shipping (“FTL”):

We coordinate our customer’s truckload shipments to ensure that they know that their shipments will get from Point A to Point B, on time and budget. Over the years, we have developed a competitive and strategic advantage on lanes throughout the country and we know how to fight for capacity. We prescreen carriers for safety and reliability, and require that every one of our transportation partners carry both liability and cargo insurance.

Drayage/Legal Heavyweight Container Hauling

We coordinate drayage services in and out of all Bay Area ports for our import-export customers. The strategic location of our Oakland warehouse in the heavyweight container corridor allows us to legally load up to 56,000 lbs. Our fleet is equipped with tri-axle chassis in order to legally haul the loads to the Port. Not only does our heavyweight capability allow our export customers to realize a significant savings in ocean freight costs, but fewer shipments mean reduced emissions which benefits the environment.

Point of Manufacturing Shuttle:

Dreisbach offers customized shuttles from production facilities to our warehouse and vice versa. We shuttle raw materials for production and return with finished goods for distribution. Our shuttle division operates 24/7.

Direct Store Delivery Program

Our DSD program delivers product from our warehouses straight to the retailer to ensure desired inventory levels are maintained. DSD program benefits include decreased labor requirements, reduced waste for perishable products, better inventory and merchandising management, faster replenishment of stock, decreased distribution and inventory costs and enhanced customer service levels.

Localized Order Delivery Fulfillment:

Our trailer yards are strategically located to enable the efficient and cost effective deliveries to our customers and end users. Our fleet’s equipment is state of the art and regulatory compliant ensuring no compromise to the cold chain.

Whether your shipping needs are for local drayage or LTL/FTL shipping, Dreisbach will provide you with the fastest, most dependable service in the transportation industry. Take advantage of our multi-modal capabilities (truck, rail and sea) to generate supply chain savings. We have the assets and people to ensure impeccable distribution services. We do whatever it takes to get the job done – on time and on budget. Call us today and discover how we can provide solutions to your cold supply chain needs.

Discover how we can optimize your cold chain logistical needs and provide you with superior end-to-end services.